• Lowering Property Taxes   +

    In 2012 voters approved an initiative that allows the Assembly to lower the property taxes for the average home owner by hundreds of dollars every year. In order to provide this tax cut, the Assembly must submit it to the voters for approval, but so far the Assembly has refused to let people vote on it. One of my first acts on the Assembly will be to introduce legislation to let you vote on this property tax relief.


  • Fiscal Responsibility   +

    I take the duty to handle tax payer money very seriously. As a former small business owner, I have experience creating and balancing budgets. When I owned my restaurant, every week I would put that week’s budget on a board for my employees to see and I made it clear that it was everyone’s responsibility to stick to the budget. My belief about public spending is simple: I will only vote to spend money if it is an investment that will pay off in a safer community, better education, jobs in Anchorage, or improved quality of life. In the State House I stood up against wasteful spending and voting against budgets that contained billions of dollars’ worth of wasteful spending.


  • Improving Our Schools   +

    Our young people are the future of Alaska and providing a strong public education system is the most important thing we can do to grow our economy. It is essential that they get a good education so they can compete in the modern world economy. I strongly support the goal of a 90% graduation rate from our high schools- in fact I want the graduation be 100%! It is attainable, but it will not happen without commitment from the community and adequate funding for our schools. I will fight to reverse the cuts that the Assembly and the Legislature have forced on our neighborhood schools.


  • Lowering Energy Costs While Creating Jobs   +

    Anchorage has a great opportunity to lower consumer energy costs while creating jobs by tapping into our renewable energy potential. In the State House I was proud to help pass legislation to allow the Fire Island wind farm to be built and I worked with the municipality to jumpstart the project that is now using natural gas created by the Anchorage landfill to provide electricity for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Both of these projects are up and running and already lowering electric bills, and there is room to expand the Fire Island wind farm. I will work with the electric utilities to pursue further renewable energy projects with identified cost savings, and will support research into harnessing Cook Inlet’s tides to generate electricity.


  • Listening to You and Giving You a Voice   +

    One important part of being an elected official, at any level, is to listen to the people. When you hold office, you always need to remember that you work for the people not the other way around. That’s why I was outraged when our Assembly voted to deny over 200 people their right to testify on a contentious ordinance last year. Whether I agree with you or disagree, I will always listen to what you have to say and give you an honest opportunity to convince me. I always want to hear your ideas and what problems you need fixed, and most of the legislation I introduced in the State House started with conversations with my East Anchorage neighbors.



... Keep Pete Fighting for Alaska's future!